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With solution of company of business of software of friendly network finance aff
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Industry characteristic

Commercial company is the intermediary that produces enterprise and user, through flow of goods this one link earns price difference, score gain.  

Type of merchandise various, amount is huge, technological process of financial business accounting is relatively complex.  

To commodity batch management, client, supplier management has higher demand. The hope understands sale posture and market trends in time through selling the forms for reporting statistics such as daily.  

Attention commodity sells state into valence and market, attention rate of exchange is purchased.  

Compare attention to join each other and be being answered of finance affairs and business.  


Use program

Perfect client supplier manages

With friendly network finance affairs software business company applied plan to provide dynamic and agile client supplier management. Realized supplier trends to manage, but global control supplies resource, purchase on the inquiry on implementation net, net. The system still offerred online client relation to manage, realized client archives trends Zhang is urged on the sale on newer, net, net. Distributed supply, mode of distributed production, distributed sale promoted an enterprise to supply catenary turnover rate, make business other people fluent.

Receivable system provides complete client management, satisfied the need that commercial company manages to different client, the system is built have complete client record, to the client grade of letter expenditure, credence has strict control, the bad Zhang loss to reduce an enterprise, raise company capital steam again to provide a basis.

The supplier government with whole system of money of an account payable satisfied commercial company to ask to what different grade supplier manages, the system is built have complete supplier record, can come true to believe time limit of grade of expenditure, credence, credit to offer detailed notes and strict control to the supplier, enterprise of utmost ground help is strengthened handle Zhang money management.



Powerful other people sheds capital to shed management

The system was offerred purchase content to shed management, purchase capital to shed management, can open according to order and sheet of put in storage purchase receipt, below the situation that reachs at the same time in bill and goods, carry out purchase close an account, deal with interface of system of Zhang money " with " , statistic handles the case of Zhang money.

Purchase analytic function to be able to be opposite purchase value of cost, supplier, purchase capital proportion, purchase goods age to undertake an analysis, through all sorts of analysises data offers commodity price case to undertake comparative to the supplier, with preferred purchase.

The system still offerred perfect sale content to shed management, can make work according to selling order and bill expense invoice, with interface of " of " inventory system, make sheet of sale delivery of cargo from storage, statistic sells case of delivery of cargo from storage, hand sheet of this delivery of cargo from storage " of " merchandise system at the same time, statistic sells cost of delivery of cargo from storage. Sale capital sheds management to be able to make commercial company basis sells invoice to open sale bill, receivable Zhang fund is formed namely after bill examine and verify, in " receivable system " can inquire and make sheet, depend on this gathering.
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