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Lucky soft estate sells solution of software of edition finance affairs
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Software of lucky soft finance affairs (edition of house property sale) (stand-alone edition, network edition) it is luck soft company is depended on in experience of the development with financial software old territory, service, and the software project that abounds in house property domain carries out experience, measure the special edition with custom-built body for estate user. This version relies on soft finance affairs of luck of " of original and successful product
Software (general edition) " , join real-estate industry specific characteristic, will traditional financial processing and building marketing are united in wedlock cheek by jowl, offer the good helper of financial management of a company for financial personnel not only, more administrative layer provides floor of an intuitionistic understanding dish the optimal platform of sale status and pertinent information.


This version uses module to set sale pattern, user but according to this enterprise effective demand produces sale edition in the room 3 standards module (sale of system of general ledger system, forms for reporting statistics, house property runs a system) " of system of " of system of pay of " of choose and buy of the freedom on the foundation and management of " fixed assets.

Functional characteristic:

◆ major faces personnel of estate finance affairs;

● key sells the account Wu processing of information in the light of estate;

● but at any time circumstance of circumstance of amount of sale of statistical house property, actual gathering, house property sales revenue;

● can undertake inquiring according to bugle call of project name, house and payment, make corresponding statistic etc;

● offers the inquiry of house property information, wait like monovalent, area;

● provides project gathering case, door the inquiry that renown change circumstance, generation receives the information such as money circumstance;

◆ has perfect financial management function;

● supports a proof to cover dozen of batch with account book to print;

During ● is offerred increase and decrease, exchange gains and losses, cost and make user month end more relaxed from a variety of carry forward means such as the definition;

● is receivable deal with, user of help of system of business accounting of project management, auxiliary forms for reporting statistics is all-around master account Wu circumstance;

● is powerful define formulary function oneself, solve the apportion processing of overhead expenses neatly, create corresponding evidence easily;

● is calculated automatically and make all sorts of duty Wu etc;

A duty setting with agile ● is OK the need that gets used to not contemporaneous different district;

● generates a duty automatically to declare a watch to make the user is declared more relaxed;
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