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Solution of software of finance affairs of medium and small businesses
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Use a target: Strengthen the small and medium sized business of financial management

Use pattern: Supportive local area network and wide area newwork two kinds of mode

Plan overview

As the ceaseless development of socioeconomy, the enterprise had new requirement to financial work, outside working except basic business accounting, more was gifted superintendency function, but multifarious financial routine because its workload is big and wrong rate is high and expended the time with financial many worker, make their sink is filled unendingly in making book of Zhang of the business of contact of proof of charge to an account, processing, accountant that register wait trifling job a moment and cannot effective exercise governs function. Accordingly, the software with old collect of limited company of golden abacus software develops experience, be aimed at the catholicity of financial management and characteristic, rolled out the solution that accords with thought of contemporary company financial management and method, help enterprise uses advanced network technology to build financial informatization to run a system, achieve the goal that strengthens company financial management.

Solution of finance affairs of golden abacus company applies to of all kinds medium and small businesses, this plan is core with advanced financial management thought, it is implementation foundation with product of golden abacus 6F, the automation processing that its nowhere is absent and financial management function enhanced the finance affairs of financial worker to superintend ability, promoted company financial management the standard. And can reflect a business in the round run a state, the person that assist business management is made quickly decision-making.

Apply a framework

Main function

Fundamental management
Undertake unity code to information of enterprise informatization foundation, with data of foundation of normative enterprise informatization, the consistency that realizes company base information, normative sex and share a gender.

General ledger
Application is compositive change general ledger system, the system of accountant business accounting that organizes group level and single company level neatly; Can run paralell Zhang of processing total classification and detail classification Zhang, mix to total classification Zhang automatically all child classified Zhang undertakes modulatory; Can follow the accounting standard that international, home approves quite, make corresponding accountant etc according to different accounting standard.

Receivable managing
Offerred a series of functions to manage not clear project, include account analysis, remind the report, receivable Zhang that arranges by maturity paragraph and a flexible program that urge Zhang; Systematic support trades to group interior the management of data; Send a measure as it is said through online function and number, update client account easily.
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