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Solution of software of lucky soft finance affairs
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One, develop setting

Software of lucky soft finance affairs is the front application platform that uses data of processing and administrative user finance affairs.

This platform basically is to be based on whole nation of club of car of new now idea to rent the solution that demand of business financial management devises, according to the characteristic of this client oneself, in be being designed, basically be from financial information unifinication and financial operation intelligence turns two opposite considerations.

Come from the technology say, this is an implementation plan that is based on C/S structure. The system used SQL Server database. The technology of respect of a few Active was used in the system.

2, plan introduces in detail

Should use the problem that plan basically solves:

Chalk it up of traditional accountant handiwork, inquiry is time-consuming long, data accuracy is poor, repeat amount of labor big.

Fill by hand make etc computational workload is big, use computer access function to be able to fulfil function of computation of forms for reporting statistics well and truly quickly.

Can realize much user network to include domestic each district even the user of world each district makes sheet at the same time, make account book, print wait for functional finance affairs, the business accounting of unifinication of facilitating business information.

Systematic function

The foundation installs financial division of labor. Namely much user governs a function, every user all is undertaken dividing the work by financial officer, each its duty; Bursary looks. Can be defined oneself or to the system beforehand the course of buy undertakes modification, the operation such as additions and deletions.

Exchange rate management. Finish the management that collects exchange rate external to install.

Period first remaining sum. Finish pair of accountant course direction to reach period the initialization of data works first.

Proof category. Can install needs proof category from the definition by need.

Settle accounts means. Complete the management of pair of settle accounts methods.

The proof runs this system of achievable proof fill make, the course collect of examine and verify, chalk it up and proof, inquiry, print wait for a function, can undertake administrative to commonly used proof and summary, among them:

This system is needed when undertaking examine and verify by beforehand the auditor of set undertakes examine and verify and cannot by examine and verify of the person that make sheet.

Type the characteristic with low level in the light of average user, this system can undertake saving to commonly used proof or summary, call when need decreased to type time greatly.

Account book management

The inquiry of account of the general ledger that this systematic inconvenience support uses generally, detail, much column account, still support remaining sum to express (course summary table) , account of journal, diary and the inquiry that daily expresses, but the help user of utmost has management and inquiry to account Wu.
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