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With friendly U8 finance affairs software general ledger operates circuit daily
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One, total flow:
Fill make a certificate
Proof of examine and verify
(the cashier signs)
Charge to an account
Turn Zhang
Proof of examine and verify
Charge to an account
Settle accounts
① fills make a certificate: (increase, revise, delete)
A, add an evidence: General ledger
Fill make a certificate
Click increase pushbutton
Choose proof category
Fill make date (cannot want to notice with crossing a month to revise)
Accessary receipt is counted
Summary (cannot feel empty)
Accountant course (can choose: Click icon of mark of “ magnifier ” or F2, must choose end degree course)
The input lends credit side amount

Attention: If be rubric strong annul minus amount loses when inputting amount, become red can

Increase and decrease kind course amount wants to use rubric to express in former direction when turning over directional happening (facilitate audit accounts and access of forms for reporting statistics, be like: The interest income of financial cost:
Borrow: Bank deposit 100
Borrow: Financial cost - interest income - 100)

② amends a certificate: Find the evidence that need revises
Revise again “ saves ” can
Attention: “ sets ” bill of fare
Whether does the “ in option allow to revise and become invalid the option that other writes the proof ” that make
Modification summary, course and amount, need to move cursor to be about to revise only place, revise directly can
If revise auxiliary business accounting, doubleclick place of auxiliary business accounting, play piece auxiliary type a window, first clear sky, revise again
Already the proof of examine and verify cannot be revised
The evidence that other module creates cannot be revised in general ledger
The proof of mark fault can be revised, after revising cancel number of “ wrong ” automatically

③ deletes a proof: The first pace is filling the “ in making a certificate to inquire ” wants the proof that delete
Click “ to make odd ” menu
Become invalid / restore (the proof that has become invalid can restore, had better be same person)
The 2nd pace clicks “ to make odd ” menu
Arrange a proof
During choosing what the proof is in to become invalid
“ is doubleclicked at the back of the proof that “ deletes in need certainly or “ is chosen completely”
Click “ to decide”
Whether to arrange a proof to break mark (clew: Be distinguish for example: Have 0001, 0002 (already became invalid) , 0003, 0004 4 Zhang Ping card, delete 0002 when arranging a proof, if arrange a proof to break date of date criterion proof to be: 0001, 0002, 0003; Do not arrange date to be 0001, 0003, 0004)
Note: 1, the full name that makes single person can not use person of examine and verify is registered

2, the proof is filled during making date want to notice correct
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